Eye exams are more than vision screenings

POS understands the importance of annual exams to a patient's overall eye health. We help you communicate the importance of prevention and early detection of eye disease. Whether it's promoting elective surgical procedures, sharing diagnostic and educational literature or getting more patients in your door, we have the print and digital communications to help.

What do I owe and Why?

We bet you hear that question more often than not. Your specialty can be complicated when it comes to elective procedures for cash pay only, Medicare covered services, annual eye exam coverage and insurances accepted. We can help you communicate important billing and payment information so your patients fully understand their financial responsibility.

View samples of how POS is helping Ophthalmology and Optometry practices across the country stand out.

Our Print Work

Ophthalmology Print Work

We do great work and our customers agree. Check out just a small sample of the Ophthalmology and Optometry work we do! 

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Ophthalmology Brochure

POS Ophthalmology Brochure

We understand and value that print and marketing needs vary by medical specialty. Take a look at the types of patient and practice collateral POS customizes for Ophthalmology practices across the country.

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