The Rise of Mobile Apps

posted on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Apps“Getting in shape is only a download away,” a headline from a summer article out of Money Magazine. Catch your attention? It’s hard not to. It seems like a cure for anything is just a ‘download’ away these days.

Need to monitor your blood sugar? ✔
Want to count calories? ✔
Track your miles? ✔
Monitor your heart rate? ✔
Diagnose your sleep problem? ✔
Manage medications? ✔

You get the point. And the millennial generation has embraced this technology the most with 71% saying that they would like mobile apps to help achieve health and wellness, and 63% would like to be able to share their health data collected from their WiFI wearable devices with their doctor.

So what does this mean for those individuals who like to log running miles in a journal, keep a food diary, carry medication cards in wallets and so on? Not a thing. If it’s working, keep doing it. But healthcare providers and practices can do themselves a favor by taking the time to navigate the hundreds of apps out there to see what their patients are talking about. Don’t be afraid to try out a few. And if you find you don’t like one? Don’t worry, another one is just a download away.

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