Know Patient Consumer Behaviors

posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Is your practice 'online'? Online meaning more than just a Web presence. With today's competition, if practices aren't offering online services, they are limiting their potential market of new patients.

Today's patient consumer is online in every sense of the word.

  • They search online for providers and services.
  • They schedule (or want to) appointments online.
  • They would like to visit a doctor online (telemedicine is on the rise).
  • They give feedback (think reviews) online.
  • They pay bills online.

Think to the future. More and more healthcare services and resources will be online. Case in point - telemedicine. It is expected to explode at some point, and when it does, patients will likely be making payments online for the service. The majority of patients using televisits are 50 years and younger. Millennials comprise 60% of televisit users (Horizon Reports, 2017).

Modern technology will continue to be needed to attract and retain patients. A big trend in consumer behavior today is the ability to make payments online. Take a look at the attached consumer infographic to see the power of offering online patient payment services.