Four Ways to Improve ROI on Your Next Marketing Postcard

posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Direct Mail campaigns will yield more ROI with these four tips.

1. Include a strong call to action

Postcards rarely close the deal. They are meant to grab attention. Consider adding a coupon, an RSVP to an event, a link to view special content, etc. But remember, it’s a postcard, not a book.

2. Use a short headline

A short compelling headline can bring 10 times the response of a wordy one. Couple your headline with an attractive, bright image and you’ll have even more success. Include your contact information and other details on the back. A promotion code or special webpage where you can track visits is a great way to measure engagement.

3. Use a targeted list

Every Door Direct Mailings are fine but a targeted list means paying for fewer pieces, spending much less on postage and almost always a better ROI.

4. Don’t mail just one time

When someone sees your name over and over again it builds credibility and familiarity.  If someone misses your one-and-only mailing they may never know you are there.

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