Increase Patient Satisfaction and Practice Revenue With Patient Packets

posted on Thursday, July 28, 2016

POS - Patient PacketA recent study published in Group Practice Journal found a drop in patient satisfaction of just 5 percent can cost a practice up to $150,000 in lost revenue. A leading factor of what influences patients’ satisfaction is what patients think of their provider’s technical abilities.

The next logical question: How can patients judge technical ability? They can’t fairly, but they can form a perception of those skills. And perceptions can be influenced.

New patient packets from POS offer an opportunity to influence those perceptions at the beginning of your practice’s relationship with a patient.

That’s why Lori Goldsmith, front office team leader of Gastro Associates of York, in York, Pennsylvania, mails new patient packets that are branded and professional looking. Each packet contains information about the physicians in her practice, including their work experience, credentials and education, so the patient who receives it is educated about the provider's expertise. This information influences the perception of the provider’s abilities, which in turn influences patient satisfaction. And it’s all because of a mailer.

Information about your physicians’ professional experience is only one part of a new patient packet. To learn about what else should be in your new-patient packets, download our new white paper “4 Bottom-line Boosting Additions to Your New Patient Packets.”

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