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Delivering on Your Brand Promise: One OB/GYN’s Marketing Journey

Nationally, 20,000 OB/GYN providers help nearly 4 million expecting moms deliver their babies every year. Another 70 million patients visit their OB/GYN for annual visits and other medical needs. How do OB/GYN practices attract new patients and keep the ones they have? It starts with understanding your audience and practice marketing needs.

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Four bottom line- boosting additions to your new patient packets

How do you find out what’s missing from most new patient packets? You ask practices. We surveyed medical practices across the country, asking them, “Which of the following items do you send to new patients?” We discovered that the forms left out of new patient packets are items that can have a positive effect on practice bottom lines. There are four key inserts that are often forgotten but can boost your practice’s bottom line. 

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Going Beyond 'Bedside Manner' to Improve Provider/Patient Relationships

Never has the bond between a provider and patient been more important than today. Practices face challenges they haven't been prepared for. More competition. Lower reimbursements. A tightening bottom line. Learn more about the importance of intentional and frequent communication with patients to improve relationships.

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Fighting Increasing Patient A/R Levels Caused by High Deductible Health Plans

The process of capturing patient-owed dollars is especially challenging in today's world of high deductible health plans. Your practice can spend less time collecting patient-owed balances and more time caring for your patients, if you have the correct procedures in place. Learn simple ideas to enhance your revenue-to-cash conversion.

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Why SHOULD We Really Care What Patients Think?

Patients need to feel good about the care and service they receive at your practice. Practices need to engage more with patients to improve the provider/patient relationship. Patients that have a bad experience likely move on to another practice and share their displeasure with others. Learn more about why surveying patients is the right thing to do.

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The Patient Portal – You Built It, But Will They Come?

Practices and providers are required to engage more with patients to improve overall health outcomes and help patients take a more proactive role in their health. Enter the patient portal. Learn seven effective communication and marketing tactics to drive patient portal adoption.

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How Healthcare Practices and Patients Can Be Heard Through The 'Noise'

Communicate often, with one voice, one message and through several communication channels.

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Improve the Patient Experience Through Improved Patient Communications

From the time a patient calls your office to their very last bill, create strong communications and relationships to keep your patients satisfied and coming back.

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Four Ways Online Bill Pay and e-Bill Services Can Benefit Your Practice

Improve your practice profitability by offering your patients a choice in how they wish to pay their bill.

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