POS Patient Payment Services

We can help you collect up to 25% more of your money faster. POS Patient Payment Services includes Statement Processing, Online Bill Pay and Past Due Notification solutions. Request a free Patient Payment Services demo today.

POS Patient Payment Services helps you:

  • Accelerate and increase payments
  • Lower billing and collection costs
  • Allow patients to pay in their preferred method
  • Reduce number of patient billing calls
  • Save your staff valuable hours every week

8 Steps to a Healthier Billing Department:

  1. Make it fast and easy for patients to pay online
  2. Admit it, the patient portal isn't going to collect all of your patient-owed balances
  3. 'Guest Pay' is fast and convenient
  4. Stop manual Past Due Notification Calls! Use automation!
  5. Stop chasing payments that should be on an automatic Pay Plan.
  6. Create an easy to understand statement!
  7. Implement past due, harsh past due and final notice statements.
  8. Modern technology saves you time and improves your A/R.

8 Steps To A Healthier Billing Department

8 Steps to a healthier billing department

See the healthcare payment facts you need to know to collect more of your patient-owed balances.



POS Patient Payment Services Guide

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Learn more about collecting patient-owed balances through our Statement Processing, Online Bill Pay and Past Due Notification solutions.


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POS Patient Payment Services


Accelerate collection of your patient-owed balances. POS Patient Payment Services can help.

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