Pregnancy and Newborn Books

Pregnancy Book

POS - Prenatal BookletsMothers, especially first-time moms, have a lot of questions, excitement and anxiety when it comes to their unborn child.

  • Is this needle-like pain in my side normal?
  • When should I feel the baby kick?
  • What medications are safe to take?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give them a resource guide to prepare them and put them at ease? And, you might find it reduces the number of phone calls to your front desk staff as well.

Newborn Book

POS - Pediatric Newborn BookletYour patients have been waiting for this moment for nine months, their baby has finally arrived and now they have a million questions. 

  • Is he eating enough?
  • Is he crying too much?
  • Is he congested?

From bathing and bowel movements to feeding and sickness, parents, especially first-time parents have a lot to learn about caring for a newborn baby. 

POS has created a newborn book template that can be completely customized to your practice.