Patient Welcome Packets

A first impression is a lasting impression. Don't take our word for it. More than 20% of practices responding to a new patient communication survey, lose new patients after their visit.

Consider this. You tell the patient to arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete forms. Instead the patient arrives right at their scheduled appointment time or even 5 minutes late! You are behind schedule; the provider is waiting and you don’t have the patient’s background information. Now everyone is cranky. Sound familiar?

Have you considered creating a New Patient Packet?

These can be mailed ahead of time, given at the appointment and/or posted on your website. That's right -- online! An astonishing 64% of practices responding to a recent POS survey, don't offer patients the option to register online. And patients want this option.

What makes up a new patient packet? Consider the following:

  • Registration Forms
  • Financial and HIPAA Policies
  • Practice Overview Brochure & Provider Bios
  • Directions
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Medication and Health Information Cards
  • Shipping Envelope & Return Envelope for Forms

POS has helped hundreds of practices welcome new patients to their offices with customized, branded packets. Most of these practices choose one of two patient packet styles.

  1. Registration forms folded in a 6"x9" envelope. (See first image)
  2. Registration forms folded into a unique mailer that folds to the size of a No. 10 envelope. (See second image)

Many specialty practices create patient packets with forms and patient education collateral for specific procedures and treatments. (See third image)

Below are a few patient packet examples. Click the image to enlarge.

  • 6 x 9 New Patient Welcome Packet

    6x9 Packet

    Forms and other materials are folded into a 6"x9" envelope.

  • New Patient Number 10 Welcome Packet

    No. 10 Mailer Packet

    Forms folded into a unique mailer that folds to the size of a no. 10 envelope.

  • New Patient Folder Packet

    Folder Packet

    Place all patient education materials into a 9"x12" presentation folder.