What Our Customers Say

“We’ve used the POS patient experience survey for several months now and I’ve gotten some really great and timely feedback from our patients. Getting information back and analyzed so quickly allows us to be far more nimble in addressing problems. For example, I received several patient complaints regarding wait times which was confirmed by the low score in the survey. We made some immediate changes to workflows and notification procedures and within a couple of weeks the survey data showed improvement in this area. The immediate feedback helped us know the changes we made were well received. We’ve also used the data to provide constructive feedback to specific physicians and staff members, showing them how they rank compared to practice- and nationwide-level benchmarks. This information was pivotal in identifying improvement opportunities. We’re grateful that POS has offered us such an important and easy-to-use tool!”

- Women’s & Family Health Specialists, PC

"There is value to the survey not only because of the information it provides from our patients, but because of its ease of distribution to and use by the patients and the practice. That is probably what we like best about it. To achieve maximum value from the program, we would need to work on obtaining email addresses from as many of our patients as possible. We plan to review the customer service sections of the survey with our staff and develop initiatives to increase our performance in that area. So overall, the ability it affords us to improve practice operations from all angles is of value as well."

- JDC Pediatrics

"I could not be happier with the POS Surveys platform. I like the individual provider report cards and the reporting is very impressive. I will use the patient feedback to improve our practice."

- Carrolton Orthopedics