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In a recent survey of our customers, nearly 93% of practices chose to survey patients because they wanted to assess customer service, followed by 72% wanting to improve patient/provider communication.

That’s why we created POS Surveys™. So you can find out what your patients like about your practice and what you can improve so they don’t leave.

We collect patient opinions, analyze data and report patient feedback so you can see your overall patient satisfaction ratings and comments. And POS Surveys align with the national CG-CAHPS patient experience surveys. You can choose the core survey or add questions specific to your specialty.

Specialty-specific Surveys

Questions designed for your specialty

Choose to utilize only the basic set of questions or add specialty-specific questions to dig deeper into the areas that affect your patients. Survey questions are written exclusively for medical practices, and in collaboration with providers in your practice's specialty.

Currently specialty-specific surveys are available in the specialties below.

  • POS - Gastroenterology Patient Surveys


  • POS - Urology Patient Surveys


  • POS - OB/GYN Patient Surveys


  • POS - Dental Patient Surveys


  • POS - Bariatrics Patient Surveys


  • POS - Cardiology Patient Surveys


  • POS - Orthopedic Patient Surveys


  • POS - Neurology Patient Surveys


  • POS - Surgical Patient Surveys



Hands down the number one feature customers like the most about POS Surveys are the reports and dashboards. The real-time dashboard and reports allow you to view responses immediately. The overall practice scores, provider report cards, location report cards and patient comments offer a simple, yet robust view of your patient feedback.

The patient comments section has helped practices make much needed improvements. The majority of our customers said the top two improvements made in their practice were overall patient/provider communication and improved bedside manner.


Want to know how your practice stacks up against others? POS SurveysTM allows you to benchmark your results against other practices across the nation. Have more than one practice location? Want to see how patients rate one provider vs. another? Your online dashboard allows you to slice, dice and make these comparisons quickly and easily with the click of a mouse.

Why is benchmarking important?

Benchmarking your practice allows you to see whether you are performing above or below the industry average. Utilize positive metrics and comments in your marketing materials. Use any negative feedback to make changes and improve your patient experience.

  • POS - Benchmarking by Physician

    Compare physicians

  • POS - Benchmarking by Location

    compare locations

  • POS - Benchmarking Across the Country

    Compare Your Practice against Others Across The COuntry

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