What Our Customers Say

“Our POS statements are very easy to understand. I think they look more professional than our old statements and with the return envelopes we are seeing a faster turnaround on patient payments. We are taking fewer calls from patients with questions about their bill and I have more time to focus on accounts/receivable tasks at our practice.”

- Dermatology Specialists of Southeast Wisconsin

“By changing the format of the statement, we dramatically reduced the number of billing-related phone calls to our office – by 75%.”

- Vision Center 

"We are a long time customer of POS and we have always been extremely happy with their services. They not only took the time to design our statements how we wanted to further our brand, reduce phone calls, and improve our collections, but they have also given us the ability to add inserts in our statements for marketing and announcements such as new providers, new office locations, new software, etc. I highly recommend them!"

- Texas Orthopaedic Associates, LLP

“Prior to working with POS, the aging of our accounts receivable was unacceptable. The back print and FAQ feature decreased the number of phone calls to our billing department. In the first 60 days, we collected more than $30,000 toward our receivables. I definitely recommend their statement services to any company looking to collect on their A/R and reduce their aging.”

- St. Louis Women’s Healthcare Group

“We have been transmitting 8,000 to 10,000 statements per month. We incorporated our logo, added clinic locations on the statement and were able to simplify the statement to make it easier for the patient to understand.”

 - Family Health Center of San Diego

"By implementing the new back print on our statements we’ve reduced phone calls by 70%.” 

- Specialists in Gastro

“POS designed a statement that decreased our phone calls by half. We mailed out 5,000 statements monthly with our previous vendor and now we average about 4,200 monthly. The past due and final notice strategy has helped with our A/R.”

- Advanced ENT & Allergy

"Prior to using POS – we processed and mailed our statements internally through our EHR system. Not only was this time consuming for our staff, but we found it to be very expensive. Upon switching to POS, we were able to customize our patient statements with our logo, more prominent contact information and information on acceptable forms of payment and how to pay online, which has increased our payment response time dramatically. We are also able to add statement notes to inform patients of research studies or special programs we have going on within our practice during certain time periods. Our statements are much easier to read and to understand now that we work with POS!" 

- Texas Orthopedic Specialists, PLLC

“We used to send out a lot more statements before we started using POS. They redesigned our statement to make it much more effective, which in return helped my practice lower our A/R and statement volume.”

- All Women OB/GYN

“We use POS’ Patient Payment Services and it has reduced phone calls into the office by 50% compared to the calls we were receiving before implementing. Patient Payment Services have saved us 10 hours of staff time per week.”

- Mitchell Medical Billing

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