Past Due & Final Notices

Practices send an average of 3.3 statements to collect payment – by the third statement, the chances of getting paid are drastically reduced.

A "past due" and "final notice" strategy can accelerate your revenue cycle and collect overdue balances without handing over a significant portion of your revenue to a collections agency.

POS helps practices collect patient-owed balances with customized past due and final notices that make it clear to the patient that payment is due.

And see how past due notifications via phone, text and email can help you collect patient-owed balances.

"Prior to working with POS, the aging of our accounts receivable was unacceptable. The back print and FAQ feature decreased the number of phone calls to our billing department. In the first 60 days, we collected more than $30,000 toward our receivable. I definitely recommend their statement services to any company looking to collect on their A/R and reduce their aging."

-St. Louis Women's Healthcare Group

Statement Best Practices

Check out the statements below, customized to your practice with the industry's best design features. And note how we can make your past dues and final notices stand out with personalized notes.

  • POS Patient Statement


  • POS Past Due Statement

    Past Due Statement

  • POS Past Due Notice

    Past Due Letter

  • POS Final Notice

    Final Notice Statement

  • POS Final Notice Letter

    Final Notice Letter

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