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Get Paid Faster.

How frequently do you not receive payment? How much time do you spend chasing down unpaid balances? The answer is too much. Studies show that after 60 days, you’ll only collect 60% of the total balance due. POS changes all of that.

How it Works

With POS Text to Pay, balance notifications can be sent directly to a patient’s cell phone as soon as insurance has been adjudicated. Patients can view and pay their balance through a secure link sent via text – offering a quick and convenient option for patients. Text to Pay is great for practices too because it speeds the collection process and improves A/R.

Why it Works

90% of people read and respond to texts in as little as 3 minutes. Patients are often distracted and forget to prioritize paying their bill. By offering a text payment method, your practice is making it easier for patients to pay. Text to Pay is faster, more efficient and less expensive for your practice. It’s proven to save thousands on postage and significantly reduce manual staff labor.

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