Auto Pay

Auto Pay is one of the key features of POS Patient Payment Services that helps collect patient-owed balances, while providing a positive patient experience. It can drastically improve practice profitability by improving your days in A/R and saving staff time.

Just like your TV or cell phone bill, Auto Pay will automatically charge the patient’s balance to their credit card or bank account when insurance clears. Plus, the patient will receive a system generated email receipt once a payment is made. It’s a great way to eliminate the hassle of paying small bills or known recurring charges such as frequent testing or allergy shots.

The key to implementing Auto Pay is communicating to a patient their options for payment and providing them with why it benefits them.

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How it Works

  1. Collect a patient's preferred payment method.
  2. Auto Pay automatically charges the patient once insurance has been applied and a balance is determined.
  3. POS will automatically send a receipt to your patient.

Best Practices for Implementing

  • Choose one of the three adoption strategies.
    1. Every patient is required to put a credit card on file and must consent to charge that card up to the decided upon threshold.
    2. Every patient is encouraged to leave a card on file for their convenience.
    3. Patients have the ability to request to put their card on file.
  • Educate your staff on Auto Pay and provide scripts.
  • Front office staff should keep POS dashboard open in browser, ready to turn on Auto Pay for a patient.
  • Provide patients with an Auto Pay authorization form.
  • Market the benefits of using Auto Pay to your patients.
    • Office Signage
    • Rack Cards
    • Website
    • Statement Inserts
    • Patient Forms

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