Two heads are better than one

Two Heads Are Better Than One.

Maybe you are a marketing genius. But you want to bounce ideas off of someone who talks the talk. Or maybe you wear a couple of different hats at your practice -- with marketing not being your strong suit. Whatever the case, when you work with POS you not only get the print and creative expertise, you get the marketing brain power too.

Our marketing experts walk you through a discovery intake to learn your priorities and goals. From there we can help you plan and execute specific marketing initiatives.

And we don't walk away when we are done. We schedule check-ups to make sure things are on track and that you are moving the needle.


After all, two heads are always better than one.


We understand that everyone could use a little extra help when it comes to marketing -- especially, if marketing is not your primary responsibility. Get a jump start with two customizable templates to help you execute a marketing initiative or a year's worth of priorities.

PDF File  Marketing Project Template
Whether it's opening a new location, announcing a new provider or service, this project template will help you stay on task and make sure you are maximizing all of your communication channels.  

Excel File  12 Month Marketing Plan Template
Your practice has identified its business plan for the upcoming year and you have been asked to create marketing strategies to support the top priorities. This template is great for outlining key strategies and the marketing and communications tools needed to support those goals.