Resource Guides

Patient Experience Resource Guide

Learn more about our patient communication products and services. And see how you can improve your communication during the patient's journey in your practice.

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Patient Payment Services Booklet

Learn more about collecting patient-owed balances through our Statement Processing, Online Bill Pay and Past Due Notification solutions.

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POS Messaging Booklet

It's a 24/7 world. Patients want to be communicated to through digital communications. Use POS Messaging for appointment reminders and so much more.

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POS SurveyS Booklet

Improving the patient satisfaction is key in today's healthcare world. Patient surveys let you know where you stand.

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Dental Patient Experience Resource Guide

Learn ways to improve your practice marketing and your patient communications. See patient welcome materials, recall cards, best practice in patient statements, patient acquisition campaigns and more.

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Filing/Patient Charts Catalog

Is your practice still using charts? See our robust product offerings here?

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Color-Coded Labels Catalog

See products to help you organize your files.

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Specialty Brochures

POS Specialty Brochures

One of the things we understand and value beyond your brand, is your medical specialty. We are showcasing just a few of our specialties to give you a feel for the types of patient and practice collateral POS customizes for practices around the country. 

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