Why Are We Talking 'Branding'?

posted on Thursday, November 5, 2015

So you are probably asking yourself, "Hello….why are they talking about branding? I work in a medical practice." Yes, you do. But your patients don’t. Patients are consumers. Today’s patients are shopping for healthcare like they shop for a good pair of shoes. They want a good brand, strong reputation, name recognition, high quality, lifetime wear. And they have CHOICES – lots of them. So you need to put your best foot forward and make a strong first impression.

A brand isn’t just a name or a fancy logo. Your brand reflects everything about your practice – your providers, nurses, staff, services, level of care and so on. It sets you apart from your competition. It is a big part of why patients seek you out for their healthcare needs. Think about companies like Target, Amazon and Starbucks. They have strong brands. Good customer service. Valuable products. Customer rewards. They understand brand, because it keeps their customers coming back for more. Without a strong brand, you wouldn’t have any patients in your practice.

Your patients should see and feel every aspect of your brand at your practice. And it starts with putting your brand on every piece of patient communication in your office, to keep your practice top of mind. So this month we will talk about how to improve your patient communications and your brand.

Look around your practice. Look at what you are giving patients. Are you making a good impression? Are you forming strong relationships with your patients? Can they feel your brand in every interaction they have with your practice? Better yet, do you feel your brand? If not, we should talk.

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