Bringing Back the Written Thank You Note

posted on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thank You CardsHow often do you pen a thank you note? Not a text, or an email, an actual hard copy thank you note? I expect most of you would say you don’t.

Unlike Jimmy Fallon’s segment every Friday on the Tonight show, thank you notes don’t hit the mailboxes all that often anymore. What could the value of a thank you note mean to your practice and patients? A lot. It shows you care and appreciate that they chose you as their preferred provider. It helps set you apart from so many other practices who don’t take the time to say thank you. It helps create a bond with the patient, which in turn will help them stay loyal patients to your practice!

We know that today’s patients are more like consumers when it comes to picking a provider. They shop around, they have choices and lots of them. So it’s important to make a personal connection and to show sincere gratitude.

Check out a recent “Etiquette Tip of The Week” in the Des Moines Register. In the article, Callista Gould, founder of the Culture and Manners Institute references a simple thank you note by a sixth-grader.

Almost nothing says you care (and proves it) more than taking time to send a sincere, hand-written, thank you note. Make sure you remember to brand it to your practice, so that the patient keeps you top of mind.

Thank you Callista for the great advice, through the writing of a sixth grader.

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