Print is a Powerful Multigenerational Tool

posted on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Generational marketing is a term to be embraced among healthcare leaders today. Understanding the behaviors of patients both young and old can help practices improve patient engagement, marketplace position and practice re-brands.

There is a lot of emphasis on digital marketing today. But don’t be too eager to dismiss print in your marketing toolbox. Print is the one constant in brand awareness today. Print generates a higher brand recall than any other communications medium.

A recent article by Domtar, a commercial paper company, recently shared some generational behaviors to note when creating printed marketing collateral.

Highlights Include:

Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964)

  • Keep the tone fun and lively
  • Market to their stage of life, not age
  • Don’t trim copy; they crave details
  • Include a lot of data and sources to inform their decision
  • Include testimonials
  • They respond to direct mail
  • Longevity and history matter

Generation X (1965-1981)

  • Loyal to brands
  • Value-add matters
  • Avoid stock photography
  • Tell stories
  • Emphasize family and the personal touch
  • Be transparent

Millennials (1982-2000)

  • Higher spending power
  • Consider elaborate pieces – magazines, booklets
  • Avoid stock photography
  • Limit copy
  • Use large image spreads
  • Quality paper and finishing
  • Tell patient stories
  • Appreciate educational content

Generation Z (2000 to current)

  • Digital natives
  • Print is seen as something new and exciting
  • Finishing touches are important
  • Personalization is key