Let Technology Work for You

posted on Thursday, January 31, 2019

The shift to high deductible plans, spending time chasing down delinquent accounts and the fact that the average American lives paycheck to paycheck are commonalities and challenges billing offices across the country are facing.

It’s known that healthcare professionals are late adopters to embrace technology and change. One of those changes – automating the way, we collect patient-owed balances.

Gone are the days of "keeping credit card information on a piece of paper in a lockbox" and "hoping my patients call in each month to pay." What’s in? Driving your patients to pay online and automating internal manual efforts by using technology.

Your Opportunities:

  • Implementing a service that allows your patients to pay online 24/7.
  • Automating manual staff labor and processes (ie: calling patients to pay).
  • Utilizing Auto Pay, technology keeping a credit card on file to automatically process payment, not only an automated process for your staff but a convenience to patients.

While you’re working for your patients, let technology work for you.

Learn more about POS Patient Payment Services technology.

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