Know Your Audience - The Millennial Patient

posted on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Millennial PatientsMore than 25% of today’s population are Millennials. Imagine what your practice will look like 5 to 10 years from now? The patient demographic is slowly changing. Your practice will need to adapt too. 

Marketing is about knowing your audience. Their behaviors, buying habits, likes, dislikes. Millennials have been referred to as the ‘Instant Gratification’ generation, the ‘Drive Thru Patient'. Why? Learn more in a special POS educational webinar next Thursday, Dec. 15.

  • They are tech saavy -- more than 85% have a smartphone
  • 93% don’t schedule preventative physician visits
  • 51% visit a doctor less than once a year
  • Nearly 60% search for a doctor online

So how are practices supposed to attract millennial patients, provide care and show the value of ongoing preventative care?

Millennials are not going away. They demand 24/7 access, social media exchanges, online health content and mobile healthcare apps.

Millennials are digital consumers. They grew up with technology. In some regards, paper is a foreign object. They pay their bills online, book appointments online, self-educate online, diagnose online, love you or hate you online. You get the point.

But there is one large advantage, they embrace proactive health more than any other generation. Diet and exercise are great conversation starters.

Register for our free POS Webinar “How to Communicate With The Millennial Patient,” next Thursday, Dec. 15, at noon EDT. Learn more about millennials, their consumer behaviors, health habits and how to create a relationship that will keep them engaged with your provider.