Engaging Medicare Patients in Preventative Care

posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Primary care practices who accept Medicare patients, have an awesome opportunity to share proactive healthcare with their patients. Informing patients about the free, one-time Welcome to Medicare Preventative Visit helps set the stage for developing a health education prevention plan for future years.

When you consider 85% of healthcare funding is spent on chronic illnesses (117 million adults have at least two or more chronic illnesses), there is a huge opportunity to shift from reactive care to proactive care. That’s why establishing an initial health history at the first Welcome to Medicare Preventative visit is so important -- so that in the following months and years, the patient and provider can develop and manage to their health prevention plan.

An important part of that plan is patient education. For example, how are practices sharing health and wellness information about diet, exercise, risk factors for heart disease and stroke? Important age-based screenings?

Interested in learning more ways to communicate and engage with Medicare-eligible patients? POS presented a webinar on the topic last week to healthcare administrators and we are sharing the recorded presentation “Engaging Medicare Patients in Preventive Care.” View the presentation.

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