5 Things You Need to Know When Marketing Your Dental Practice

posted on Thursday, March 2, 2017

The dental world is changing. How do you keep the patients you have and attract new ones? Consider these 5 things when marketing your practice.

1. Know your competition

It’s no secret that a growing trend among dentists is to join group practices instead of running solo. There is a feeling of power in numbers. A larger practice can mean more patients and more operational help.

Also, note the rise in corporate dentistry (like the Aspen Dentals of the world) where dentists can simply do what they love -- treat patients -- and leave the business work to management.  

2. Dental Patients Embrace Consumerism

Dental patients are more likely to 'shop' for a dentist, like they shop for a good pair of shoes. Think consumers when you think dental patients -- especially Millennials who look for a good deal.

3. Adults Don't Feel The Need for routine dental care

According to the Health Policy Institute of The American Dental Association, 65% of adults don’t feel the need to visit a dentist annually. Practices need to do more educational outreach to adults about the importance of annual cleanings.

4. Niche dentistry sets you apart

Recent statistics show that 20.9% of dentists report having at least one recognized specialty of the ADA.

5. Your Brand says it all

Let’s start with your image – your brand. Does your logo look dated? When you look at it, does it excite you? Does it show you are modern, professional and worth checking out? Do you have a value-added message that is consistent and constant in your marketing?

It's hard to know where to start. But the first step is wanting to learn more about the best practices to improve your brand and your marketing. Learn more about our work with dentistry.

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