What Our Customers Say

"Prior to implementing past due reminder calls, our practice A/R continued to increase each month. In one month, we reduced our past due accounts by $44,000. POS helped us customize our patient statements to make them more concise and clear to the patient. This combined with automated past-due reminder phone calls has improved our A/R greatly."

 - Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center

“We have been using POS Messaging for five months and have been very pleased with the appointment reminders being sent via phone and text. We used to have one to two people spend 25-30 hours a week calling patients to remind them of their appointments. And this does not include the 130 or so inbound phone calls our staff handles with patient questions. This time savings allows our staff to work on other office projects. We will be expanding our POS Messaging services in the near future to send patients reminders of patient-owed balances too.”

- OBGYN Specialists

“The messaging system works great!  It frees up the nurse from making reminder calls, and it gives the patient one last reminder before surgery - or the reminder to get things ready before the day of surgery.” 

- Old Tesson Surgery Center

“We are using POS Messaging to send patients past-due notices and setting up payment plans. The messages are working and we have more patients contacting us or going online to make payments.”

- North Sound Dermatology

"We decided to try POS Messaging as way to collect patient balances in a more timely manner. We sent messages to patients who have balances due over 60 days. The same day the patients received the message they called our office. They were very responsive, either by paying their bill over the phone, updating an address, or asking questions about their bill." 

- H & H Medical Billing

"Our office has been using POS Messaging since August 2014 and we love it! We are reminding each patient of their appointment with appointment reminder phone calls, which was a task we never completed before automating with POS. When we didn’t make these calls it resulted in a lot of no shows, and with each patient appointment worth $150-$400, this created a huge expense when a patient failed to show up. Since we started using POS Messaging, our numbers have dropped tremendously. In August of 2014 we had 54 no shows, and in of April 2015 we had 19. We are very happy with these numbers and are currently in the process of adding in text and email reminder messages. In addition to reminder calls, our billing department will also be automating past due phone calls to patients that are late on paying their balance."

- Inglewood Family Health, PLLC