How To Use It

Send Messages via Email, Phone, Text and Mail

POS Messaging™ can be used to communicate all types of messages – from appointment reminders and birthday greetings to new provider announcements and marketing messages.

New Patient

  • Welcome to the practice
  • Appointment reminders
  • Links to registration forms and materials
  • About your practice/providers
  • Post-visit thank you messages
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Emergency office closings or provider scheduling conflicts


  • Pre-appointment instructions
  • Post-appointment follow-up instructions
  • Lab result notification
  • Diagnosis-based education
  • Treatment reminders
  • Portal sign-in/access reminders


  • Alerts for past-due balances
  • Announcements of new services such as online bill pay or e-bills to encourage prompt payment


  • Practice announcements: new providers, locations, services, open houses, websites/portals and more
  • Preventative screening recommendations based on age, gender or health conditions: mammograms, colonoscopies, prostate screenings and more
  • Seasonal reminders: back-to-school exams, flu shots, sun safety
  • Healthcare awareness months: breast cancer, heart health and more
  • Birthday greetings
  • Holiday greetings

Patient Acquisition

  • Announcements about referral programs
  • Thank you messages to providers and/or patients for referrals
  • Marketing messages based on specific geographic or demographic criteria

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