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POS Messaging™ is an automated communication system that allows you to send customized, two-way communication to your patients via email, phone, text or mail. Use POS Messaging for appointment reminders, lab result notifications, past-due notifications, post-opp instructions and more.

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“We have been using POS Messaging for five months and have been very pleased with the appointment reminders being sent via phone and text. We used to have one to two people spend 25-30 hours a week calling patients to remind them of their appointments. And this does not include the 130 or so inbound phone calls our staff handles with patient questions. This time savings allows our staff to work on other office projects. We will be expanding our POS Messaging services in the near future to send patients reminders of patient-owed balances too.”

  - OBGYN Specialists

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POS Patient Payment Services

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It's a 24/7 world with today's communication channels. Learn how to communicate better with patients to improve health outcomes and keep your practice top of mind.

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