Your Patient Statement - Does it Speak to You or Your Patients?

posted on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last week we talked about how the patient billing and payment process is not very patient-centric. Knowing that the majority of household incomes are not keeping pace with rising patient costs and higher deductibles, practices need to make sure they are making their billing processes as convenient and clear as possible.

When was the last time you looked at your patient statement? If you were looking at it through a patient’s eyes, would you understand what you owed and why? One could argue that the patient statement is the most important patient communication in your practice. Why? Because if you don’t collect your patient-owed balances, it’s hard to keep the doors open. Below are the top features and best practices of a patient statement.

  1. Includes your practice logo and colors
  2. Clearly states patient responsibility
  3. Shows a payment due date
  4. Does NOT include aging buckets
  5. Eliminates CPT Codes and has fewer columns with clear descriptions of services
  6. Drives patients to pay online (if your practice offers this)
  7. Includes a backside for FAQs, practices news, important announcements, etc.

Implement these best practices to reduce calls from confused patients and collect your money faster.

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